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VR-Experience - 360º Video live action

At the Kaleidoscope 2016 World Tour in Berlin: How will Storytelling change with the arrival of Virtual Reality? I do not expect that film making as we know it will change. It will live on. VR is a totally new medium which has it's own rules and aesthetics. A very interesting VR-experience which I saw at the festival is: “Hard World for Small Things”. Shot with a 360º camera the film puts you right in the middle of the live action. The story takes place in a black community in Los Angeles.

VR still from "Hard World for small things"

There is no more framing by a D.P. involved: place the camera and hide the crew. It feels like you're in the middle of a realistic theater play without the theatrical artificialness. It is a very intense experience. The trendy VR-term is IMMERSION. You are right there and if you turn and look around you see everything. It feels like the actors should see you too. Luckily you're invisible, because in the end of the film a police officer shoots an innocent man right before you're eyes.

Kaleidoscope VR-Festival 2016 Berlin

In the panel discussion at the Kaleidoscope Festival the speakers made a strong point how critical good sound will be for VR. Sound will direct you to turn to the right direction, it will lead your focus and your eyes. It will be especially important to have 3D sound (something like the dolby Atmos).

360º Video lighting with practicals

Lighting a live action film in VR will also be quite a challenge. Every light you put up could be eventually seen by the viewer. Every lighting tool will become a practical light. “Hard World for small things” has been lit by available light only.

Film shot in 360 Degree Video puts a big challenge on acting. Since the audience is completely immersed in VR-world he/she will expect real acting. Any fake emotion will be totally obvious. No editor can save you later.

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